Techno Áhčči
See the «Techno Áhčči» art film below
Two girlfriends are visiting Berlin for a weekend trip. There, they find an including club culture and people wildly different from themselves.
Lost in the DJ's heavy rhythms, they are transported back to Sápmi. To scenic surroundings from Northern Norway, the warmth of the midnight sun and the diffuse sound of joik.
Throughout the evening, the two girlfriends discover the joy of being part of a community through meetings with people they would otherwise never have met. And dare to be themselves full and completly.
The project is supported by the Norwegian Sámi parlament, Nordland county, Hemnes municipality, the Norwegain Arts Council, International Sámi Film Institute and Music Norway, and premiered online on Feb 6th 2023 - the Sámi National Day.


Sami lead 1
Anja Johnsen Thonhaugen
Sami lead 2
Julie Elise Strand Thonhaugen
Traditional Sami joiker
Arne Ivar Johnsen
Markus Johnsen Thonhaugen

Directed by
Elisabeth Rasmussen/Wonderline Productions
Written by
Markus Johnsen Thonhaugen & Elisabeth Rasmussen
Executive Producer
Elisabeth Rasmussen/Wonderline Productions
Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF
Director of Photography Sapmi
Sondre Sandbakken
First AD
Maiken Lorentz

Marte Aasen
Colour grader
Nicolas Horne
Alexandros Liossatos
Camera assistant
Rishabh Chadha
Lightning assistant
Nairon Santos de Morais
Lightning assistant
Imanol Sticker
Digital imaging technician chief
Sergio Borges
Production assistant
John Power
Production assistant
Lisa Merkert
Hair & makeup Berlin
Luca Ueding
Hair & makeup Berlin
Djamila Rachor
Hair & makeup Sapmi
Susanne Ludvigsen
Co-director Sapmi
Hanna Suni
Alec Heritier
Wander Vanhoucke
Gilles Bijnens
Tattoed/pierced model Berlin
Rolf Buchholz
Woman in mirror/dancer Berlin Club
Esada Licina

Dancer Berlin Club
A.O goldman ( ع ع ع)
Dancer Berlin Club
Aileen Fröhning
Alec Heritier
Aleksandar Sabotic
Andreas Beyer (Hans Bauherr)
Anke Schmiel
Anna Britvina
Antonia Rettig
Celine „Line“ Reena Briesemeister
Christiane Marzluff
Dariia Gaycheva
Emile Tamschick
Emma Struckmann
Esada Licina
Gabriela Fretter
Gilles Bijnens
Gunter Schmidt
Hanna-Charlotte Blumroth
Jacqueline Özdemir
James Deioces Callahan
Joy Cideciyan
Karin Mühlhoff
Laura Bolotin
Lilly Nothnagel
Lin Pham
Marie Wagner
Marika Shatrova
Melika Rezapour
Melisa Aykut
Michelle März
Michelle Schenkl
Mona Teresa Piontek
Nicos Bliefert
Patricia Athens
Rottraud König
Stefania Cascino
Tobias Schoknecht
Tomás Fuentes
Tristan Meixner-Harvey
Victoria Stadler

Big thanks to all sponsors and supporters